Getting to know me and my six go-to home accessory shops

Hi everyone. I would like to say hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Rosie (I do also like being called Ro so feel free to think of me as that) and I had this crazy idea a little while back that it would be fun to start a blog about all things home and people might actually be interested in the thoughts and ideas that run through my head. So here goes…! I basically fell in love with home decor and design a year or two ago (whilst working at none other than a pharmaceutical company – logical I know…) and have since become intrigued to learn all I can and seek inspiration for when I hopefully have my own home one day.

I have always had a slight creative streak (not that you would know from my GCSE art grade!) and think I have finally found my passion in home decor. What draws me to this is the ability to create a desired feeling, look or atmosphere in a room, or generally just make a space look enticing and pretty. I love imagining how home accessories would look in my home or thinking of the style of home they would suit. I love deciphering how they may make someone feel through their look, feel, texture, purpose and colour. For instance I recently saw the most gorgeous grey chunky knitted beanbag which I was just immediately drawn too. To me, something like this is comforting, relaxing and somewhere to jump onto after a far-too-long day at work. It can bring a calming and informal feeling to a room, which helps decide where it belongs – personally I wouldn’t give this beanbag a home in a dining room as this is where conversations are engaging and stimulated in perhaps a more formal way. A living room, corner of a bedroom or close to a window where you can sit yourself down on it with a coffee and good book is perhaps where I would choose. This thinking and finding such items is something I am looking forward to learning and sharing more about – to be honest, I think I am just giving myself another reason to spend hours on Pinterest and online shopping for my next throw or vase which is just so much cuter than the other 28 I’ve got!

I am a little nervous to start this blog (and excited at the same time) but can’t wait to share some of my inspirations and actually get my thoughts written down. I hope that this way I will also find it easier to look back through my inspirations or remember who sold that interesting bird shaped lamp or cute wall print rather than scrolling through my phone for hours to find a screenshot (yes, I really do have that many pictures). Finally, I hope this blog can be enjoyed by myself and anyone who may end up reading it and perhaps even inspire others, so fingers crossed!

Something that anyone close to me will know is that I am OBSESSED with French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers and any other dog with a squished nose to be honest! So, I’m sure I will somehow manage to slip some sort of frenchie themed decor in over the course of my blog – this is just a pre warning! Although I think of myself as slightly creative, I am not the most inventive person in the world and am definitely not one for DIY but this is something I am hoping to change, which I will try and share on here.

So I guess I’d better stop babbling and get to the point of my first post. I thought it would be quite a nice introduction to share some of my favourite home decor/accessory shops with you. I hope you’ll find them as intriguing, individual and as beautiful as I do as I believe that making a home unique and showing your personality makes a home YOUR home! Not only this, but as already mentioned I think that every room in a home can make you feel a certain way, whether it’s completely relaxed and cosy in front of the family fireplace or creative and engaged in a gorgeous, open office space. I think that choosing a certain colour scheme or hand picking beautiful home accessories really helps give a room feeling, and that’s why the following stores are some favourites of mine. (Click on pictures for links to products)

1. Cox and Cox, a beautiful online shop first caught my attention a few months ago and I found myself immersed in their website and about 10 items in my shopping basket (yes, I am a guilty ‘add to cart’ kinda girl). If you are looking for unique yet beautiful and stylish items for your home I would definitely have a look at them. They even sent me a 20% off first order voucher when I signed up (what more can you want!). Their floor length mirrors and alluring vases are just gorgeous! Find them at

vintage-lace-edge-shelves-cox-and-cox blush-concrete-vase-cox-and-cox ava-embossed-full-length-mirror-cox-and-cox

2. Graham and Green is also a firm favourite – literally everything about this company is a bit of me! From their quirky photo frames and creative tea light holders to their beautiful furniture, their pieces can be made into a centrepiece of a room and bring some character to it. Their eclectic mix of styles gives an exciting variety and I often find myself scrolling through their site and dreaming of what I wish I could buy!

coi3977-cocoon-chair hjh5573-set-of-3-black-photo-frames mulberry-leaf-lounger-graham-and-green

3. The White Company – ok, so I might be a little bias as I work here, but their homeware products are just beautiful and too hard to resist (unfortunately for my bank account). However, I tell myself that my purchases are investments and will last forever due to their timeless style, which makes me feel a little less guilty! P.s – their pomegranate candle is just beaut.

small-luddington-vase-the-white-company pavilion-lantern-the-white-company mercury-tealight-holder-the-white-company

4. Rose and Grey have some of the cutest decorative accessories if you want to add a little bit of flavour to your home. I am literally in love with their faux plants because you can never go wrong with a bit of greenery – I think it adds a bit of life to a room. As a student, I am probably not the best for remembering to water and look after a plant so the fact these don’t have that requirement is an added bonus. They also do some really individual pieces – I’m especially a fan of their lighting! Find them at

rose-and-grey-faux-botanical glass-hanging-shelf-rose-and-grey lamp-shade-rose-and-grey3

5. Pomstore is a bit more of an individual shop and I actually only found out about it earlier this week whilst wondering the streets of Sheffield. An all white shop front grabbed my attention and before I had realised I had wondered in for a browse. They have some really interesting home accessories and after talking to the lady working there, it seems they source from individual businesses/artists which make their products even more unique! Also, if you LOVE sweets like me then I would recommend their Rhubarb candle – it smells exactly like rhubarb and custard sweets which I was definitely too excited about! Do not fret if you live far away from Sheffield as they do also have a website:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCO with f2 preset rhubarb-candle-pomstore OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

6.) Rowen and Wren is the final store I’ll mention today before your eyes begin to ache from too much reading (although I could make this list go on forever)!  This company offer a beautiful range of home products from furniture and mirrors to rugs and lighting, but my favourite section of a homeware store always seems to be the accessories. I think this is because accessories have the ability to add a touch of interest, diversity and character to the room, without having to splash out hundreds of pounds on a lavish piece of furniture or art! Rowen and Wren have some distinctive pieces which could add a little something more to your room. Find them at

ceramic-egg-plant-pots-rowen-and-wren mini-drop-vases-rowen-and-wren brass-pipin-flower-rack

So, that’s it for today, I guess! If you’re still reading then I hope you enjoyed my first post and I didn’t babble too much – I would love to hear any of your feedback, good or bad, so please feel free to contact me (details in the contact section) or leave a comment. Hopefully this is the start of an exciting adventure of The Interior Dreamer and I have lots more ideas lined up, so see you soon.


Ro x

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