The interior trends set to stick throughout 2017

As with most things trends and fashions come and go and are constantly replaced by newer, more stylish ones, often inspired by famous design houses (or perhaps a blast from the past!). Just as with clothing, where companies are continually competing and adapting to have the most cutting edge forward thinking and beautiful designs in the market, interiors face changing trends too. You might have noticed that in 2016, the obsession with the “industrial” look reached new heights. The hanging light bulb, metal-meets-wood furniture and exposed brick walls and pipes took precedence in many magazine spreads and restaurant’s decor. The industrial-chic look provided a variety of textures, almost taking a space back to its roots by exposing its core composition of walls, pipes and ceilings. But all this is changing this year, making space for a breath of fresh design!

New year, new seasons, new trends! Yes, it is almost March but these are looking like they will be sticking round for a while! Whilst copper accessories have seen better days, you’ll be glad to hear that grey seems likely to remain popular (*breathes sigh of relief*). However, dare I say it,  navy is set to be the new black. Other trends including mixed patterns, a focus on texture and the ditching of DIY – to be replaced with artisanal items seem set to sweep across home decors.

Here’s a few of the trends which I think you should look out for…

Navy, navy and more navy…

Although the love for grey walls and cool colour schemes still holds a strong presence, navy is becoming a far more popular colour to use in our homes. The deep blue holds a slight traditional, yet majestic feel whist allowing pops of colour to stand out strongly against it. Whether this is by placing a shelf of books against a navy wall or a vibrant fruit bowl within a kitchen with navy units, this colour enables a contrast to be made. Orange, gold and brassy tones look gorgeous against blue, due to being opposite on the colour wheel, so styling these colours together for example by using orange patterned cushions on a navy sofa tend to work very well.

Mixing patterns  

Initially inspired by the fashion runway the clashing of different patterns may actually be something we desire, something I never thought I would. From the likes of Gucci, Marques ‘ Almeida and Tommy Hilfiger, Spring 2017 collections involve creating a mis-match of prints and patterns which are likely to become popular in our homes too. Mixing patterns produces an eclectic look, allowing diversity in a room. Each pattern may have a story, memory or just makes you think of a certain thing, and this will help make your home engaging and stimulating.


It is music to my ears to hear that DIY has run its course (who has time to buy a glue gun anyway, let alone use it!). Instead of filling our homes with handmade flower trays and fairy light filled jam jars there will be an emphasis on beautifully made high quality pieces which are an investment. Including an artisanal touch with a few accessories will add a beautiful and thoughtful feel throughout your home!


Give a room a feeling, literally! Texture is something which has always been important in homes, whether its the soft feeling of freshly washed sheets, the sleek work surfaces in a kitchen or the cool smooth feel of a leather sofa. There is becoming an increasing focus on involving a variety of differing and contrasting textures within homes, something which can add depth and engage with a person so they reach out and touch the object. Velvet is being seen increasingly, especially in jewelled colours such as emerald green, and is a fabric which can be used in bursts across a home – from sofas and cushions to throws and lamp shades. Using other textures alongside this will give the interest, depth and engagement desired in a home and create a stimulating and inviting environment.

Faux fur

This is something I have been seeing everywhere for a while now, but faux fur is still a popular choice. Adding a faux sheepskin to a wooden floor or sleek chair will add the contrast of hard and soft – another way to add depth and help the contrasting elements stand out more. Faux fur also looks gorgeous and gives the Scandinavian vibe of beautiful and simple living (sounds perfect, ey!?), perhaps suggesting that faux fur adds a calmness and simple comfort to a room.

What do these trends mean for our homes?

Well, it seems that 2017 is the year to create an eclectic interior style. Our homes (and us!) deserve new furnishings to add to to our collections to create this distinctive look with a variety of patterns and textures which will add bursts of interest and contrast. Don’t forget to consider navy or other jewelled colours in accents or on a wall! See below to find some items which will rock 2017.

Shop some of the trends below (click pictures for links)

Tropical Design Sofa Cushion – £40. Notonthehighstreet
Tivoli Two-Seater Velvet Sofa – £839. Swoon Editions
Petals Cushion – £35. Cox and Cox
Duke Cocktail Chair, Blush – £349. Swoon Editions


Faux Fur Rug in White – £29.95. The Rug Seller
Swinging Orangutans Cushion – £32. Notonthehighstreet
Patterned Stoneware Mini Vase – £8.50. Lilac Coast
Champagne Beanbag – £79. Graham and Green
Lulu Scoop Chair – £399.
Hana Kilim 5×7 Blue Rug – £85. Urban Outfitters
Navy Painted Flower Knob – £3.50. Graham and Green
Bebe Ceramic Vase – £15. Habitat
Trigas Large Multi-Coloured Flat Weave Rug – £200. Habitat
Luxe Faux Fur Baloo Cushion – £38. Graham and Green
Tindi Quilt – £135. Graham and Green

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