How to make your home’s entrance appear bigger, brighter and more welcoming!

Hi all, after what feels like an age, I’m finally back on the blog! With only a month of uni left, I am on the home stretch and am slowly getting through piles of uni work (*cry*) which seemed to have taken over my life recently. Finally I have found a spare moment or two to immerse myself back into the world of blogging. This time to share a few tricks on how make your home’s entrance seem bigger and more appealing!

I’m sure you have heard the saying “first impressions count”… Whether it’s at a job interview or meeting your other half’s parents for the first time, we love sprucing ourselves up and being on our best behaviour to give that all important first impression. After all, we don’t want to be remembered for bad breath or an inappropriate outfit! With all this in mind, it leads me to the point of this post – that the first thing visitors see when entering our home can set an impression and give a vibe about both our home and US! Not only that, but possibly more importantly, you will be the one leaving/arriving home and walking through your front door each day so why not make it as beautiful, welcoming and inspiring as you like!? Of course there is an element of practicality to be considered, such as where to toss keys and kick off shoes but this can be worked around!

For me, the front door and surrounding area can subtly alter my perceptions and thoughts; they are the first thing to see, after all. Whether the door is painted a beautiful colour or framed by blossoming flowers/climbing plants, this can really enhance the attractiveness of a home as it gives the impression that the homeowner cares and wants to welcome you in. Beyond the front door, open and light spaces can draw one in, rather than being welcomed by a dark and dingy corridor. Making use of the space you have to open it up as much as possible can really increase your visitors desire to enter. This can be done in a number of ways; from natural lighting and lightly coloured walls to using certain patterns on your floor or wallpaper. Below are some tricks of the trade to do this! (A lot of these can be used elsewhere in your home too!)

Light Coloured Walls

Lightly coloured walls will help reflect light, making the space seem larger, brighter and more spacious. This is a fairly easy way to enhance the space you have, and won’t break the bank either!

Natural Lighting

If you are lucky enough to have windows in your hallway/the room you walk into, MAKE USE OF THEM. The natural lighting will beam through and help brighten up your home, again making it seem more open and airy. If you are worried about neighbours or passers by getting a good peak then thin cotton curtains could be the answer. Urban Outfitters always seem to have beautiful thin curtains which can still let light through.

Add your own lighting

Even if you have natural lighting flooding in, adding your own lighting is an opportunity to add some style! Adding a beautiful chandelier or unique light fitting will grab visitors attention and give them that all important first impression; make them think ‘WOW’! This lighting will also help keep the space bright and open!

Floor Patterns

Using chevron/parquet patterned wooden flooring can make an area seem wider. This is a great trick to use if you have a narrow hallway! Patterned tiles can also look gorgeous, adding character and charm.

Minimal Furniture

If you’re entering a small space or corridor then it’s best to keep bulky furniture to a minimum. Use long and thin furniture such as a side board or console table which doesn’t jut out and make the space seem smaller.


Using mirrors can help reflect light and spaces. This can add interest and different perspectives to your entrance/hallway which can help distract attention away from the small size. They can also reflect light and parts of the room, making it seem larger.


Creating a focal point can capture the attention of you and your visitors. Intriguing and beautiful art can also draw visitors in, giving them an impression of your style, personality and love of your home. Involving art in your home can also impact how a room makes you feel, which if you need inspiration before a busy day at work is a great, subtle way to enhance your mood and inspire you.


Horizontal stripes can give the illusion of a space being longer and wider! If you have a narrow entrance/hallway then this is something to consider to give that perception of a larger and wider space. This will work in any narrow space in your home!

Vertical stripes can do the opposite and help make a room seem taller!

Long Hallways

If your hallway/corridor seems to be never ending, try painting the end wall a darker colour to bring it towards you. Warm colours such as deep oranges, reds, pinks and yellows will help draw your attention to them, taking the focus off the length of the corridor. This is because they are advancing, as if they are coming towards you! Placing artwork on this end wall is another alternative to draw the eye in!

Vertical Stress

If you have more of an open hallway and want to make it seem taller then place emphasis on long, tall, vertical items. This can elongate the height of a room by drawing one’s eye to the tall features. This can be done by using items such as tall candle stick holders, tall floor lamps, vertical stripes (perhaps in wallpaper or artwork) and low furniture. By incorporating a low sofa/chaise-long, low chairs or low storage furniture, this will create the perception of a larger space above them. This technique can be used elsewhere in the home, for example by using a low coffee table and flowing, floor length curtains in a living room to create this impression.


Adding a bunch of flowers to your sideboard or console table will add colour and freshness. I find that flowers can bring my mood up, so getting a glimpse of them on your way in or out of the house could lift your spirits!

Need some inspo?…

So there they are, my favourite tips for making a hall or room look bigger than it may be and making it seem more inviting. These are great just to have in the back of your mind if you are re-decorating, just moved into a new home or even just fancy changing up your entrance. Of course, there are no limits and there are other ways you may wish to improve your entrance; it could just be painting the inside of your door a pretty colour. It could be adding a coffee machine for when you are rushing out of the door (the dream!). It’s all down to your own preferences and needs – mine is clearly caffeine!!

Hopefully some of these tricks will be of use to you, maybe not now, but at some point in the future when your inner designer shines through!

If anyone has ever tried any of these tips or has a photo of their entrance/hall, I would LOVE to see! I’m not nosy, I promise! – It would just be lovely to see your style and home, and you could even share any of your tips with me…

I hope it won’t be long before my next post and uni work is kind to me (optimistic I know…) so stay tuned.


Ro x


All images from Pinterest

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